view of House around Turn of last century

The same family for 5 generations have owned Sandrift.

In 1897, Mr. And Mrs. Edwin F. Atkins purchased land on Brant Point and built a summerhouse on the beach. Edwin suffered from hay fever and Nantucket was a place he found relief. The Atkins family traveled by horse and carriage for 3 days from Boston, where the horses were loaded onto the ferry in New Bedford to the island. The Atkins spent at least 6 weeks on Nantucket Island every summer.

view of house c. 1910

The smaller house to the left, now attached by a covered porch, was picked up and moved back from the beach (where the larger home now resides) to accommodate the roomier Atkins summer home . Circa 1910

view of Brant Point

In this view of Brant Point, circa 1898, the Sandrift home is to the far left. The large building in the middle is the old Nantucket Hotel, where the Atkins family stayed on their first visit to Nantucket. The Nantucket Hotel went bankrupt in 1903 and was torn down in 1907. Mr. Atkins purchased the Hotel, lands, and contents out of bankruptcy. The hotel ballroom was floated across the harbor and later became the Dreamland Theatre. Many of the bedrooms in the house today still have furniture and dressers from the Nantucket Hotel.

view of house

The small house dates from c.1886 having been moved by the Hotel from a lot next to Brant Point Lighthouse. It is believed this smaller house once served as family residence for the Manager of the old Nantucket Hotel (1888-1907) and as a sailing center for the pier in front. Circa 1890

photo of pier

A long pier and dock leading from the main house was originally built by the Hotel to accommodate guests who wished to sail. The pier was destroyed in the 1938 Hurricane. The large rock in the water you can see from the beach is all that remains. Circa 1910

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